The one that got away

Ok, so if we are on Audiogon, we probably are not afraid of used gear. For many of us I suspect we recall "the one that got away"

For me it was a pair of Marantz 10b tuners. $1200 for both of them. What was I thinking? 

What was yours? 
G'day zavato and company:)
A.  Couple months ago a guy in Canada was selling an mc602... for a couple grand less than it could have been listed for.  We agreed on a transaction.  I would be there in ten days.  Reassured him almost daily.  He sold it out from under me... probably sold his soul for more money... loser.
B.  Agreed on an mc300 purchase with a guy in NY.  A fair price for both parties.  Pretty much average market value.  He took the amp off ebay.  Then someone posted the same amp on ebay with a short auction time.  Two bidders got into a mine is bigger than yours contest and overbid the item by at least $1600.  I'm wondering if the guy I'm locked in with sees this and will he do something stupid.  I decide he seemed like a smart guy and knows better than to queer the deal...  ya'd think.  Several hours later I get an email with a link to the fluke sale (winner did not pay for the item) and a demand to make him a bettet offer.  Being a prideful honorable someone of integrity who is not afraid to speak up I not so respectfully sent a return email telling the jerk to go phuck himself:)

That's a heck of story and I don't blame you for the ending,I would have done the same.


Just last night I was typing a question to the seller of a sonictransporter I7 when the ad expired, it was a very good deal - on Audiogon you snooze you lose! My trouble is I like to research everything if I'm not completely familiar, even if I know from years of using audiogon that it's a good deal. Come to think of it, that strategy has probably saved me thousands of dollars...
...on the other hand, I missed out on the potential of a lot of conversations with uniformed gentlemen and women asking me WTF I thought I was doing....*G*