The Palladian-A step beyond

The new cartridge from Acoustical Systems may finally be the LOMC to fully realise the theoretical advantages of the genus.
And convince those long-suffering audiophiles to whom the 'modern' MC presentation has been anathema to 'live sound'....that the realism of vintage LOMCs like the SPUs and FR-7 series has finally been recaptured 👀
Well I have my free screws - and very nicely presented they are. My wife was just about to try to put them on her ears as jewelry 🙈

As as to the special built for me shim it's still en route somewhere between Bundespost and USPS. I will mount the screws on Friday and report back on this next step on our adventure

It seems that the good old times of our very deep exchanges on audio equipment and their side stories are over. Hopefully a motivated and long time analogue user is still reading today a newspaper, not only on new tweaks on digital developments and sports. Yes, these are also interesting.

As I was not successful in delivering my Titanium screws to the many countries to be designated to I will give up and return into isolation. Btw. Isolation is a very hot topic right now bringing down all the interferences and disturbances by other sources. Controlling air borne and structural noise is the topic of one of my articles. I am curious what Michael Fremer will tell us on his own observations regarding the Minus-K built in platform of Döhmann’s Helix table.

I have sent Nandric a book about the art of turntables. Hopefully he will not reject this one.
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My definition of good turntable design, includes "isolation", that has been built into its design by its maker, allowing it to be placed on multiple locations. The Döhmann’s Helix table you reference seems to follow this philosophy. A collaborative Australian/American effort.

I said here earlier, when I was freed of the monkey suit, it took 9 months to realize it was gone. Things became more clear. What was happening at the Macro world level was out of my control, including my own government’s "sorry" actions. What was in my control, was my own local family government - at the time made up of Financial Advisors - making decisions on where my investments should go. It took a while to get to the root of this problem and become aware. My own family government was causing some sleepless nights. Something was not right. So I stepped out of my audiophilia nervosa state, fired them, and took control of my own family government.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
Reinhold Niebuhr

We are in for quite a ride in 2017.
The craziest "audio" aspect for me to comprehend these days. Both my main speakers are of British origin, but were sourced from the US when the Canadian dollar was at par and even above for a time. Seems almost unthinkable today. You know, my kids don’t believe me when I tell them mortgage rates used to be 18% when they were born. Only 22 years ago.