The passing of another legend...

I don't know if this thread has already started somewhere else, but I just read that on 5/25/03, David Hafler passed away. I am sad. The Hafler DH200 was my first venture into high-end and since Hafler catered to the "budget-minded", this little amplifier carried me through tough times in college and beyond. This little amplifier, mated with my Vandersteen 2B's, gave me many, many hours of pleasurable listening. Thank you David Hafler for giving all the poor folks (like myself back then) a little taste of high end. You will be missed.
Amen. My first taste of the "high end" was a DH-100 amp put together in a kit form that saved you a few bucks over preassembled. It made my large Advents shine and I've never looked back.
A DH200 and the matching pre(A 101 ? ), anyway kit form, music from heaven. RIP
Wasn't David Hafler the designer of Dynaco as well?

I think so and a giant in our industry.