The Piano - Herbie Hancock

About a month or two ago, someone wanted to know some good piano lp's and another poster suggested Herbie Hancock's 'The Piano'. I had never heard it and found it today at my local record store so I picked it up. This is such an amazing recording I would just like to thank whom ever posted that recommendation. Not sure who it was, but thanks. This is fantastic.
Pretty much anything with Herbie on just acoustic piano is fabulous. This guy is/was a real genius of improv.
I read the same 'piano' recommendation. Got it this week from an amazon seller. Have not listed yet.
What makes this an exceptionally well recorded piano performance is that Hancock recorded this directly to the master,bypassing the tape to master process.Side one was standards and was recorded in one sitting,as was side two,which are all Hancock originals.The cd release offers bonus tracks that were"spares" from the original sessions,not rejects,but alternate versions with a little different voicings.
This lp album has survived the digital transfer nobly and of course this IS Herbie Hancock, far removed from the endless trappings and concept albums that have taken him many places since this 1979 recording.
Thanks for the recommendation, and thank you Jazzcourier, for your comments - very interesting. I'll look out for it.

It’s been one of my favorites since first listen; and I’ve never understood why it isn’t held in higher regard. I’m glad you fellas are talking about it.