The Psychology of Constant (Equipment) Change

Anybody have an answer?

I have a decent selection of preamps, amps, integrateds and speakers to choose from and I find myself swapping out gear constantly.  And it's not because anything sounds bad.  Quite contrary, really.

After most swapping sessions, I'm generally really satisfied and quite enjoy the sound quality.  But within a few weeks I'm swapping stuff out again.

What would be the diagnosis for my condition?


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The link within that link to Dr. Richard P. Goldwater’s 1973 article for the Boston Audio Society really hits it. The hobby was at its apex during those years.

Neurosis or passive art form?




I hadn't touched my system for almost 10 years, but a bad decision led to blowing one of my tweeters. Rather than have it rebuilt I decided to upgrade the speakers to 1978 Altec Model 19s. Granted these were much better speakers than the Polk LSi I was using, but I didn't realize how much better the sound quality could be. This led me on a journey over the next few years of swapping out every piece of gear in my system, some pieces several times. Now I have several amps from Decware on order (two year waiting list) because I want to hear even more out of my system. I got the bug :-(