The Psychology of Constant (Equipment) Change

Anybody have an answer?

I have a decent selection of preamps, amps, integrateds and speakers to choose from and I find myself swapping out gear constantly.  And it's not because anything sounds bad.  Quite contrary, really.

After most swapping sessions, I'm generally really satisfied and quite enjoy the sound quality.  But within a few weeks I'm swapping stuff out again.

What would be the diagnosis for my condition?



it is about having fun, enjoyment, fulfillment

big part of being happy in life is figuring out what makes oneself happy


          Thank you for the insight you provided which intelligently makes total sense, at least to me. Taking the time to interject such worthwhile, edifying comments can only benefit those who are open to what you are saying.  The comparisons, notably the wine analogy, are right on!  Nice job, well presented,  and thank you!

ahuvia, thanks for sharing your thoughts.  

ggch, I totally agree with the last sentence of your post.

jjss49, and with your post this thread can be closed.

Thanks all for your input and suggestions.