The punk band Crass

Hello I have been a fan of Crass from the late 70s and early 80s. My favorite punk band with great licks, exciting noise, experiments in sound, anarchist lyrics and wonderful vocals from Eve Libertine and Steve Ignorant. The black and white album covers/posteres are a reflection of a dadaist type movement. I have a number of their albums on original vinyl that I bought new back then. I just recently just picked up two new pressings of Feeding the 5000 and Penis Envy. Both sound as good as the original pressings beimg very quiet, quite dynamic and look great. Well worth picking up if you like them or punk. Anybody else into them?
I am also a big fan of Crass. I used to blast their albums when I was a kid living in nowhere Alabama. I was completely oblivious to their politics (and somewhat still am, although by choice). I would also listen to (and still do) Flux of Pink Indians, GBH, Exploited...etc.

Dry Weather is one of my all-time favorite songs.

FWIW Crass has a big following with the highschooler nowadays, kind of cracks me up to see little 15 y/o's wearing their shirts!

I still once and a while go to some old school punk but I am more inclined to things like UK Subs, Exploited, Pistols, CJ's, DOA... I suspect Albert will be chiming in shortly here...
Hello, Fortunatly the "album covers/posters" have the lyrics for all songs as the vocalists have taken speed reading and singing to its ultimate conclusion. I dont know how they sing so fast. I find every album to be as good as the next and they sound great also. That's pretty funny that they are still "hip" with kids, its great to see that rather than more Led Zep, not that there is anything wrong with that.... If you get a chance pick up some of Eve Libertines later solo work which are all very interesting.

I had no idea that Albert Porter was a punk enthusiast!