The quest for the right interconnect and speaker cables (Siltech)

I'm feeling great about my current set-up of Linn LP12, Esoteric CDP, custom JA Burgess pre-amp (Audible Illusions Modulus 3A for back-up), Lamm ML2.1/VAC Renaissance 30/30, and Harbeth Super HL5.  The system suits my taste in music, mostly vocals and acoustic, and gives me goosebumps during limited listening sessions.  My kids are still at home so I rarely have time to sit down and actually listen to music I love.  Probably like others here, I've spent a good portion of my adult life wasting time and money trying to chase the highs but have hit mostly lows in my quest to put the right HiFi system together.  I think I'm 95% there.

The thing that continues to vex me are interconnects and speaker cables.  I thought I had found the right cables when I discovered Chord Company Anthems a few years back from a local HiFi shop in Gig Harbor, WA.  Since then I've tried several Nordost, Acoustic Zen Silver Reference, and more recently Siltech Classic Anniversary 770i RCAs.  I've been a bit disappointed with the Siltech's performance.  I had my first experience with Siltech cables (LP12/Audio Research/Lamm/ProAc system) twenty years ago in Honolulu and I was blown away by their performance enough to want to own at least a pair or two.  I just received a pair of pre-owned Siltech RCAs from a fellow on this site.  The cables are genuine but haven't been up to task.  They seem thin and analytical so it's harder to enjoy the music.  Has anyone else had similar experience with Siltechs or is it just me?  Now I'm hesitant to pick up a pair of Classic Anniversary 330i speaker cables that I though I wanted.  Maybe I ought to just stick with Chord cables as they seem to work fine.  Appreciate any input or suggestions....  John
Just wondering since you have two amps and preamps have the cable results been the same mixing and matching your gear? All systems are different so i can’t really comment on your results but I’ve previously tried and liked the Siltech SQ-88 Mk2 and didn’t find it overly thin or analytical in my system.

However I’ve found that though used to be a big proponent of silver cables and tubed gear over the years I’ve gravitated back to copper cables. However if you have the $$ and patience to keep trying cables out go for it there’s no substitute for home auditioning.
If you didn't like 770i then you won't like 330i. Buy something else i would say. I found Siltech cables to be very fast,  smooth, and low noise cables.
I had the same problem with Nordost Cables. Took my a little too warm sounding system and made it very lean and very bright.   
Thanks for your responses thus far.
JOND, you might be right about sticking to copper.
GEOFFKAIT, I did follow the directional arrows.
PANERAI557, you may have a point about the Siltechs being too fast for the Audible Illusions/Lamm combination.