The receiver was my intro to HiFi! What say you?


I got my first stereo from the BX in England RAF base.  I ordered on ' layaway ' from AAFEES a Crown IC150. DC150 and an EQ2 with a pair of Norman Labs with a Thorens TD126.  Rocked the barracks 😆

Sony V-Fet 125W can't remember the model.  I blew it up twice but it sounded good.  I had a Leach DIY Class A that was really good after that.

Nikko STA-5010

Smaller Advents

Gerrard something from 1973

Thought I was in heaven 

Marantz 2270 bought at Rabson's on 57th Street, NYC for $389 in 1976 along with a pair of Koss Pro4AA phones ($40). Speakers came later!