The review wehave been promising is up


rs507 anyone who hears one tends to purchase one they sound amazing.


Twoleftears there is no advertising going on by us in the absolute sound.


Mr. quint Has had a lot of other servers his last server was a 15k Baetis reference.


as per the plug in most people prefer the server with it Mr. Quint is a classical music purist he objected based on not wanting to change the artists intent rather then a distinct sonic preference.


if you check other reviews is is always the same the 432Evo outperforms the competition





We have found that the overall sound quality of the server is so high as it is the plug in being used or not makes very little real difference.


the fact that Mr. Quint actually purchased the demo piece speaks volumes about the servers performance, especially when he already had another $15k server..


Another point we offer a two week unconditional return trial

Dave and Troy

Audio Intellect NJ

US. importer 432evo music servers.


Maybe it’s just me, but any time Troy responds, my first instinct is to assume the worst, like a slimy used car salesman. I agree with above that the review out of context of direct comparison is pretty useless. 

I agree with above that the review out of context of direct comparison is pretty useless. 

Virtually all TAS reviews are like this.  Never bother to do comparisons, and frequently they don’t even list the equipment in the reference system so you can’t even infer what they were using as a baseline.  And, when they do bother to list the reference equipment they frequently leave out the reference piece that would be comparable to the review component.  They go to great pains to not be held accountable for any of the crap they just feel like spewing out.  Useless, self-affirming drivel is all it really is. 

Of course he is. He wrote another post about it. Unclear why Audiogon allows a salesman to harass us to buy stuff from his store.