The review wehave been promising is up


TAS understands digital about as much as Neanderthals understand nuclear fusion. I’ll never get over their 4-part article where they said that music on a hard drive degrades when copied to a second drive.

"the best sounding music server..."

[In bit perfect mode] they all sound the same if you stream to a separate endpoint. There, you don’t need to spend $7500.

I can’t understand why anyone would want all their music played a quarter-tone flat.  

Anyone who states that the Paradigm Persona are bright and harsh has never owned them, and if theyve atleast listened to them they mustve been powered by a receiver.  Its silly comments like this that reaffirm that most people here dont have the slightest clue.

My two cents...

Usually when a salesman tries a pitch it irritates me. Even if he educates about a product or service it still irritates me. When the salesman continues and continues to try to sell his product X and (as others have indicated) that salesman arrogantly states X product is so much better than Y and Z product my irritation grows into anger. At that point, as far as I am concerned, I will tune out the salesman and tell others that he is JUST WANTING to MAKE MONEY! Is that not what he does?!?

This post bears repeating, as it sums up the whole thing admirably.

No, most people here don’t mind that at all, and notice nobody here ever complains about Verdant, Atmasphere, Duke, etc. Why do you think that is? It’s because they just stick to what their products offer and never say their products are “better” than anyone else’s — that’s arrogant and for us to decide and not a biased dealer. Also, none of those other dealers EVER demean another product or other member’s recommendations here, both of which you have done numerous times in the past. But you can’t seem to understand this simple concept and instead continue to delude yourself that you’re somehow providing a useful service here by saying why your products are better than another product for whatever reason. Until you get why this behavior pisses people off — IF you ever get it, and I have my serious doubts — you’ll continue to fan the flames and anger members here.