The right amp to biamp with McIntosh MC275 Mk V?

After a bit of searching,and a look in the manual,i have not been able to find the "gain" for the McIntosh MC 275 mk V. I am running this in the balanced mode.
I want to run this amp on the tweeter and the mid on the top terminals of a pair of Von Schweikert VR-7's. This is the older "one box" design speaker rated at 91db.
For the dual woofers i want to find a great matching amp for what i believe is "vertical biamping" -without a crossover.
A solid state,or class "D" amp that will tightly control the bass,but not overpower the tube amp.
The MK V is listed at 75 watts,some say more like 90-95 watts. Any ideas for a match to make a great pair would be greatly appreciated!
Jazz keep me posted on your decision.

I think this will be really tough to match proper gain. My recommendation is another MC275 run in mono.
Wouldn't a Mcintosh MC452 be a great choice? You could connect the MC275 input to the balanced output of the 452 and attenuate both amps from the input of the MC452 to the preamp with identical gain. Maybe a call to Mcintosh and some advice from Chuck or Ron could confirm this would be a good idea.
The best way to biamp, I've learned is to go for active design i.e. using electronic crossover and removing/bypassing the built-in crossover.
Otherwise you will jeopardise the dynamic headroom of your system.
Another way has already been mentioned to use another same amp.
Thank you for your comments.Thanks to Velo62 i got the information from Chuck at McIntosh.Here are the Gain specs for the MC 275 MK V....Balanced- 4 Ohms=16.8 db 8 Ohms= 19.8 db 16 Ohms= 22.8 db
Unbalanced- 4 Ohms=23.2 db 8 Ohms= 26.2 db 16 Ohms= 29.2 db
My initial biamping adventure is with the Spectron Musician MK 111 and the match is tolerable sonically on compact disc performance (EAR Acute) but the Vinyl reproduction is far too bass heavy.No surprise there as the Spectron is rated at 26 db gain and i am running balanced at 19.8 db. If i go to unbalanced i will be a closer match.I will try that today and see what that sounds like.
Several other issues come up....A great amp like the Spectron relegated to simply the lower portion of the signal.Is this rather like having a sports car that you never open up past third gear?
I did try a Channel Islands passive controller but i found,though it reduced the volume of the amp,it also reduced the voluptuous sonic bouquet.
Just from hearing these two amps on these speakers has inspired me to find a decent match and pursue this as everything is improved with the McIntosh concentrating on the Mid and tweeter.As one commented to really HEAR an orchestra you have to biamp.I found this so true as the sections stand out in almost 3D like effect.Someone else said that if you want to hear great acoustic Jazz you must have tubes,tubes and more tubes.This i found true as well.
Same goes for string quartets and pianos.
SO.....solid state amp with 19 db so i can run the MCIntosh in the balanced mode?
I really do not want to resort to a crossover.I would consider a second McIntosh.Thanks Again!