The search among the great ones - 20k+ speakers


I have started the "speakerjourney", where I want to be able to decide for _the_ speaker for me. I rather save up and spend some more and hopefully live with one of these speakers for a long time.

What are you guys opinion on the following speakers? Have anyone several of them?

The only thing I have now, that I want to build a system from, is a Modwright Transporter. I am going for a digital based hdd-source.

*Evolution Acoustics MM2
*Von Schweikert VR-7
*B&W 800 Diamond
*Burmester B100 Reference
*Rockport Mira II Grand
*Focal JMLab Maestro Utopia III

I want a speaker that I can live long able to play all different kinds of music, and recordings without running out of the room because of "sharp/ringing highs"

You may want to include the Legacy Whisper and its ultimate big brother, the Helix in your search. The Helix is a 4 way, quad amped speaker system, steered by a Xilica XD 4080 digital crossover and custom set up by Bill Duddleston, President of Legacy Audio, in Springfield, IL. These speakers sound superb and can fit into almost any size room with no concerns.
From impressions at the recent RMAF I'd suggest adding to your list (prices all over the board as well):

Wilson Sasha (seconded - and I'm not a Wilson fan)
Daedalus Ulysses
YG Acousics (smaller model)
Vivid B1

Further recommendations from past experience:

AudioMachina Maestro S (client disclaimer)
TAD (did not like the recent RMAF demo as they were overpowering the small room they were in, but I would otherwise recommend these in a heartbeat based on three previous listens to them) - the smaller model
Hansen Prince
Avalon Eidalon Diamond

Obviously you should consider the size of the room you will be putting them with and what amp you are using as well. That should go without saying.
you might try to audition vandersteen 7's too - I was mightily impressed by them.
Investigate a pair of OHM Walsh speakers with in home trial first for ~$1800-$6500 depending on room size first before dropping $20K on speakers.