The secret to a great amplifier...

Is a $150 Orange fuse from Synergistic Research. Seriously, extreme boost in sonic performance. Blacker background, larger soundstage... if I wanted to make some bucks, I’d put these is cheap OEM compnents and start letting the accolades and purchasers come calling.

Mind you, I have a high value-oriented $20k system, so it was nice before, but damn!
If someone gave me one, being a reasonable person, I would try it.  But I will not buy a $150 fuse.  That's too nutty even for me.  

     I consider myself a mostly reasonable monkey, who respects scientific knowledge and the empirical process utilized to validate and accumulate it.
     I realize I prefer to keep an open mind and understand that I tend to gain knowledge about this hobby and my personal system preferences best through personal experimentation and experience. But I’m also not totally immune from trying, and even adopting, audio lore, marketing, tweaks and perhaps even a bottle or 2 of snake oil.   Do a pair of maple isolation amp platforms with brass cone-spiked footers and a pair of Mye stands count?  
     In other words, I generally like to try new, different and various products and methods in my own room and a/v system and then just call things as I see and hear them. In retrospect, I think this approach has worked out well for me over the past 40+ years and it reinforces my belief that this hobby, based on my personal experience, is best described as an audio and video journey.
     Sometimes you’re convinced you have the answers and reached the blissful end to your a/v journey, only to discover there’s more to learn and discover. I think I’ve reached my blissful destination, but I’m not sure and don’t really care since I’ve enjoyed and continue to enjoy the journey so much, that I hope it never ends.

Tim, nice reasonable post.
If I come home in the evening and sit down to listen to my system the sound can be a little different, even though, I didn't do anything to it. There may be some reason for it in the vast sea of space. But likely I don't worry to much about that, I just use my own judgement if it's good or not. It has got me this far, and I have a great sound.
So it seems reasonable to me a little fuse can change things more than seemingly nothing. So I have tried a few and am glad I have.  Just my way of going about it, as Cleeds implied above.