The shams, scams and dead ends of the High Fidelity hobbie/passion/adiction

I am not real current so I may have missed a few. The ones I remember are SQ and any other name for "Quadraphonic", Perfect sound forever, and I will see what my fellow A’goNers can come up with. As a bit of a variation on a theme, I wonder what the most profitable B.S. audio trend/product was?...certianly the 8-track tapes sold well.....and ate themselves rather quickly.   

Sould likely have included the second D in addiction...

For a tweak to be deemed magical or a hoax the technology only has to be just beyond the ken of the average knucklehead. On the Kalahari you don’t have to be the fastest wildebeest, just a little bit faster than the slowest one. My rule no. 1 - Never get into a technical argument with a History major. Or a drum major, for that matter. 
"djones511,439 posts02-28-2020 9:14pmI had an 8 track it took careful placing of the matchbook so two songs didn't play at the same time."
Ah yes, the good old days.

I've yet to figure out how to quote on this forum. Some really vintage software here.

Myth has it that the Porn Industry chose VHS and the rest is history.
But,Sony Won The Bluray HD Wars and 4k.We'll never know why Sony neglected to put out a 4k player those first few years[I had to buy a Samsung 4K] or why Sony did not include a 4k Player in the PS4??
How About the Zune..I chose that over the Apple offerings.I was told this would be the thing for Classrooms etc,and such..there went $250.00!!
+1 JC.  had some fat ass monster cables maybe 25 yrs.  (the old cheapy ones with the clear jacket), then got some skinny ass Kimber PBJ.  no comparison.