The Six review on the Mhdt Labs Orchid DAC just went up

This morning the review on the superlative Mhdt Labs Orchid DAC was just posted on Six  It gives all the details why I have made it my reference DAC.  I also share my position, with flexibility, that all all the hype regarding high resolution formats as being superior sounding to 16/44.1 kHz or 16/48 kHz R-2R ladder DACs is just that "hype".  

Hope you enjoy the review.

When you opened your post of 9-7-18 - you know, the one about the DAC that crushes price v performance ratio - with "I felt strongly that I wanted to inform the Gon members about a new DAC that ranks with the very best on the market" I stupidly assumed that you were implying that the LAB 12 was a new product, at the time of this comment.

Your famous report for HomeTheatreReview starts with "In the last six months, the internet has been abuzz with a handful of rave European reviews for a new DAC (digital to analog converter) from a Greek company called LAB 12". I should have realized you meant "new, in the past", or something.

Joking aside....are you seriously trying to tell us that you weren’t saying (then) that the Lab 12 is new?

Sorry, I’m too tired to address the rest of your email. You’re absurd drivel has worn me out. Good luck in your future product reviewing / blogging career.
Hey janehamble,,

Sorry, you wore yourself out over my "absurd drivel". Then you were "too tired" to address the rest of what I stated on this thread, not in an Email. What I would expect from someone who slings mud and then cops out over the objective details of what they had said.

Thanks, for wishing me well in my future endeavors in my career. 
Just a note of support for Teajay
he was spot on with his analysis of 
the pass and LTA products in the past As I am certain his liking of the Orchid is valid.
in life intentions is the name of the game
I believe TeJay’s intentions are sincere

I was looking around for a few months at DACs ..was pretty set on a denafrips pontus or ares..even sent an email out to get the purchase going but..I read the 6moons review and decided to pick it up
no regrets..great little dac....I'm a kinki ex-m1 owner also..
I appreciate teajays honest reviews...

Ok, i had a Prism Sound Callia DAC and decided to get the Orchid. The Orchid was comparable to the Callia (although the Callia is pricier) and i would say somewhat better sounding over the Callia although the Orchid does not have a headphone or volume control. Also, the Orchid does not upsample and is based on a single tube output. I do not regret the change especially since changing out the Phillips 1541 A for 1541 S1 single crown. The single crown S1 is richer, deeper bass, more depth, improved imaging, soundstage and clarity..