The Six review on the Mhdt Labs Orchid DAC just went up

This morning the review on the superlative Mhdt Labs Orchid DAC was just posted on Six  It gives all the details why I have made it my reference DAC.  I also share my position, with flexibility, that all all the hype regarding high resolution formats as being superior sounding to 16/44.1 kHz or 16/48 kHz R-2R ladder DACs is just that "hype".  

Hope you enjoy the review.

@viggen Well it should work then if you are sure it doesn't need to be flashed with firmware and it's exactly the same chip.

Pull chip out, insert new one, listen and enjoy. As far as I know the only thing the firmware does is establish a USB connection. You don't need to flash the firmware if you change to the same chip.