The sound of Siltech 550i XLR cable

Dear Audiophile, 
I am intending to buy a pair of  Siltech 550i XLR for budget consideration, How about it sounds like?  TKS.
Long time reader of these forums but new to contributions, so pls take it easy on this rookie...

@stringreen I have read your posts with a lot of interest as I am in the process of setting up a system including Ayre Ax 7e integrated and Ayre codex paired with Vandy 2CE Sig IIs. Since these have differentially balanced ciruits, would there be a siginificant difference between my current Kimber Tonik vs AQ Mackenzie or Yukon or any other brand for that matter?

I am using all Ayre electronics into Vandersteen 5A speakers and can only tell you what I've experienced....very little difference indeed.  If I were you, I'd get different cables that you can return with no money expended....that's the only way you'll know for sure.
If you have money for it then get it. I use them between my preamp and amp. Fantastic cables. Drops noise and increase signal so much that you hear it the moment you connect them. I really could not believe that a cable can improve sound so much. I would never have believed it unless i tried. Before buying them, i really wasn’t prepared to spend this much for an interconnect but my dealer ensured that this was the best cable for me. I took a leap of faith and it paid off. One thing to remember, unlike copper, gold and silver do not age. They will conduct signal 50 yrs from now on like the day you bought them. Can’t say the same about copper cables. 

I liked them so much that i bought 550l speaker cables. Again, expensive purchase for me and unsure about the performance. The speaker cables did require break in. They did not sound optimal when new; i just knew it. Sounded close in and little improvement on 3D sound field i expected to hear. After about a month of use, all I can say is that my gear may stay or go, but these Siltech cables will be with me for very very very long time. I plan to purchase Siltech power cords near future. 

I honestly think that having right cables are the foundation for superior sound reproduction from hifi and without them, one would not know true capability of that hifi setup.