The sound quality from DACs - is it all the same?

I've been talking to my cousin brother about sound quality. He is a self-proclaimed expert audiophile. He says that Audio Science Review has all of the answers I will need regarding audio products.

In particular, he says an inexpensive DAC from any Chinese company will do better than the expensive stuff. He says fancy audio gear is a waste of money because the data is already bit-perfect.  All DAC chips sound the same. Am I being mislead? 

He also said that any DAC over $400 is a waste of money. Convincing marketing is at play here, he says.

He currently owns a Topping L30 headphone amplifier and D30 Pro DAC. He uses Sennheiser HD 569 headphones to listen to music.  I'm not sure what to think of them. I will report my findings after listening one day! (likely soon, once I get some free time)

- Jack 




ASR is a joke. Measurements are the start of evaluation not the only thing. His frequency response measurements are just stupid.  A 100hz in a sweep is just one tone. Does one instrument at 100hz sound the same as another?  So how can you say the sweep represent what real music will sound like. 

the only noise insee is that coming from ASR site. 

He says fancy audio gear is a waste of money because the data is already bit-perfect. 

That's a tired old ill-informed argument.

In any case, a DAC is a Digital Analog Converter and bit perfect has nothing to do with analog.


He could be your dumbest relative. Do you have any kin that live outside your own imagination? 

À good DAC, Do what hé have to do : from digital to analog: i did à test with a dac of 1000€,10 000€ and one of 40 000€.( very popular MSB): The first ones were very good (exellent). The most expensive one was to “clean”: no sensitivity,, no emotions (flat).. the Metronome Technologie (10000) was “splendid “. The Chines one 1000€ , was practacly egal . You have to figger it out. Much ‘money “, don’t mean ,”much better. My set is: Audio Note CDT two/2. Moon Mind 2 , Metronome Technologie C6 signature. Daniël Hertz M6L, VAC phi 300.1 and the Ilumnia Magister MK2.