The time has come and I request advice...

To my fellow audiophiles the time has come and I am going to attempt to improve my digital source in one audio system I have, Currently running a Bluesound Node X into Denafrips Pontus 12th Anniversary and it sounds great but i am ready and willing to update the streamer. Looking for a dedicated streamer that will play Tidal or Qobuz. Might be interested in going the Roon route. Budget is about $2500. Right now the Lumin U2 mini and Aurender seem to be at the top of recommendations. Looking for advice from those who have used the streamer they recommend.

I listen to Jazz, Blues and instrument music mostly...also going to add a turntable to my other audio system and will post another question...

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When I had an Aurender it didn't do Roon at all. I don't know if things have changed. 

@2psyop I was using a Aurender A100 streamer with my Pontus two. Upgraded to at the time the new Aurender N200, The difference was transformative,literally night and day difference,Ive seen used N200,s for as low as $3500. Good luck.

I would say, keep what you have and buy some high-end tweaks. The Tweak Geek can give you some professional advice or let me know and I can set you on the right track.  Tweek Geek - High End Audio Store, Dripping Springs Texas

+1 Aurender.

I would not go the Roon route, costs, adds complications, not much of a long term future. Aurender Conductor app is well regarded. It is improving as well.