The time has come and I request advice...

To my fellow audiophiles the time has come and I am going to attempt to improve my digital source in one audio system I have, Currently running a Bluesound Node X into Denafrips Pontus 12th Anniversary and it sounds great but i am ready and willing to update the streamer. Looking for a dedicated streamer that will play Tidal or Qobuz. Might be interested in going the Roon route. Budget is about $2500. Right now the Lumin U2 mini and Aurender seem to be at the top of recommendations. Looking for advice from those who have used the streamer they recommend.

I listen to Jazz, Blues and instrument music mostly...also going to add a turntable to my other audio system and will post another question...

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@jbuhl - great point and list!

You asked what other features you might be missing so, I don’t believe I saw anything about how your system can continue playing the genre of music you were just listening to, after your specific selections have finished playing, i.e., Roon Radio. Sometimes I set up a dozen selections for the sole purpose of hearing what Roon Radio will add after my selections are done playing. I have been introduced to a lot of new music through Roon Radio and through the lists of "Recommended Albums", "Similar Albums", and "Similar Artists" that accompany every selection.

I will be interested to read if folks here identify other players that provide as much added value.

What I really use is the credits section.  Each credited artist photo appears with a number below indicating the number of tracks they play on, click the number and get a list of tracks, click the name  and your off to their page with description and discography.  

One other feature I forgot to list is the "recorded" link.  On each track click the recorded link and you get a list of all the artist who have recorded the track. 


An important Roon feature that I don’t think was mentioned is its organizational capability allowing for seamless integration of your Qobuz and/or Tidal favorites with your own ripped and/or downloaded material maintained locally. I don’t know of another app that provides for this level of album integration by artist. This is why I originally got Roon. But for me it’s the already mentioned music discovery piece that truly makes Roon great. Roon helps bring me closer to the music and is why I am an unapologetic Roonaholic. For me the ride is very much worth the fare.