The time has come and I request advice...

To my fellow audiophiles the time has come and I am going to attempt to improve my digital source in one audio system I have, Currently running a Bluesound Node X into Denafrips Pontus 12th Anniversary and it sounds great but i am ready and willing to update the streamer. Looking for a dedicated streamer that will play Tidal or Qobuz. Might be interested in going the Roon route. Budget is about $2500. Right now the Lumin U2 mini and Aurender seem to be at the top of recommendations. Looking for advice from those who have used the streamer they recommend.

I listen to Jazz, Blues and instrument music mostly...also going to add a turntable to my other audio system and will post another question...


If I were going to spend 2500, I would spend it on the DAC over the streamer.

Roon was already acquired by the largest audio brand out there, Harmon, which itself is owned by Samsung. We can speculate on why, of course, but the idea that the future of one company (eg, Innuos) is somehow more certain seems naive. We don't know about the future of either. But I would bet on Roon as part of Harmon.


+1 Airender. Great build, form factor, sound, integrates perfectly with Qobuz and love Conductor app on a tablet. 

I have to disagree with @ghdprentice on the viability of Roon. It is well-supported by manufacturers, and IMHO, is a fantastic product, that works great (for me), gives me great info on groups and albums that I did not know, and supplements my extensive digital library with Tidal and Qobuz.  I have a lifetime membership sho I have already made my money on it, but as a product, I think that it will continue to evolve.  I highly recommend Roon and see no reason why it will be obsolete at some point, as library management is always needed.

@moto_man I agree, its a great product.


But they could take the technology and make a whole new server product , rebrand it and integrate it into some other hardware config (SAAS for example) and let ROON as is die on the vine.

I said "Could". 

Update- Raised my budget up and bought a HiFi Rose RS130 which is on back order. If it does not work out I will get a Lumin product. Thanks to all for the advice... much appreciated.