The Truth About Power Cords and there "Real" Price to Performance

This is a journey through real life experiences from you to everyone that cares to educate themselves. I must admit that I was not a believer in power cords and how they affect sound in your system. I from the camp that believed that the speaker provided 75% of the sound signature then your source then components but never the power cord. Until that magic day I along with another highly acclaimed AudioGoner who I will keep anatomist ran through a few cables in quite a few different systems and was "WOWED" at what I heard. That being said cable I know that I am not the only believer and that is why there are so many power cord/cable companies out there that range from $50 to 20-30 thousand dollars and above. So I like most of you have to scratch my head and ask where do I begin what brand and product and what should i really pay for it?

The purpose of this discussion to get some honest feed back on Price to Performance from you the end user to us here in the community.

Please fire away!


Any kind person have a link to where the Master Coupler is $250? Everything I've found searching online appears to be $500 plus and used...

Wow. I paid $175 for mine, but that was back around 1993 when full retail was around $300. I saw ones a while back on here which is where I got my figures from, but I'm not really in the market. The $500 may have been the Anniversary Edition. I know the original Master Couplers like mine are really good. Not that hyped hifi sound that is so common, but truly well-balanced. Not as good as newer Synergistic but awfully good compared to just about anything else.

At $500, if it was me, I'd start looking at whatever newer Synergistic that would get me. Even back in the day, I have Synergistic Designers Reference which for sure is a whole lot better. Also for sure their newer is better. Synergistic is unique in this regard. Its simply a question of price. 

Take your time, keep looking, and give serious consideration to anything Synergistic around $500, be it Blue tech or CTS or Active or whatever. The downside of Active, some of them depending on when they were made used MPC wall warts. Some don't care for the extra wires. But the neat thing about Active Shielding, Michael Spallone does a killer cap and diode upgrade that elevates everything to an even higher level.

If all else fails PM me, I'll sell you one of mine, use the $$ to upgrade to even better SR.
I have been into hifi for circa 30 years in that time I have never changed the power cords. 

This year I have had a revaluation buying several Mark Grant cables at £75 each and a power block at £150 not a massive outlay but huge benefit. No other changes to my system it just worked beautifully.

System is Melco streamer into exposure dac to Croft epoch elite and croft twin star 1 power amp and piega classic 40.2 speakers with LFD speaker cables. 

I feel very lucky to have such a great sound at home. 

I second  kudelka8.
I use full loom of Lithuanian cables as well. I strongly recommend you try them. The name is Lessloss. Best price/performance ratio.

LOL... umm... I would like to request a section for:

Best Price To Performance Power Cords for Systems that range 10K- and under ???
I’m thoroughly convinced that there arrives a point of diminishing returns, to an even exponential degree. 

It’s relative to your budget and level of control over a space, I suppose? But in my humble setup ....after getting all my interconnects up to decent cabling, I simply upgraded the outlet in the wall feeding my system and paid just $90 for a Wireworld power cable for my Creek, huge difference. Enough so that spending any more may only make things different...not better. The only other major improvement would have to be completely changing the room itself, which is a non-option at this point. And I’m ok with that, as I’m ecstatic at the idea that I’ve constructed an EXCELLENT sounding setup with a very limited allotted budget. That in itself is the glorious result. I would feel the complete opposite if I’d spent a small fortune on only a slightly more effective piece of copper laden in wrapping and jewelry to receive a marginal, even questionable improvement.