The Truth About Power Cords and there "Real" Price to Performance

This is a journey through real life experiences from you to everyone that cares to educate themselves. I must admit that I was not a believer in power cords and how they affect sound in your system. I from the camp that believed that the speaker provided 75% of the sound signature then your source then components but never the power cord. Until that magic day I along with another highly acclaimed AudioGoner who I will keep anatomist ran through a few cables in quite a few different systems and was "WOWED" at what I heard. That being said cable I know that I am not the only believer and that is why there are so many power cord/cable companies out there that range from $50 to 20-30 thousand dollars and above. So I like most of you have to scratch my head and ask where do I begin what brand and product and what should i really pay for it?

The purpose of this discussion to get some honest feed back on Price to Performance from you the end user to us here in the community.

Please fire away!


Sometimes the truth is so simple that it is taken for a lie. The only way to avoid any kind of filtering-effect is to run solid core copper of adequate size, shielded is a plus but not neccesary in most systems.

; you are right, no pc can actually improve the current even if a 6-7ft long heavy solid-core pc will slightly improve the flow from a stranded in-wall cable because it will act as a condencer to the powersupplies.

Whitecamaoss made a good point and this is why most are tired of B.S. Reviews from paid or compensated reviews.

So I was sent this conversation by a friend of mine.... This is a very interesting thread that just opened up ... It looks like this is now the new format that generations are asking for. It appears to me that most people are getting sick of the old school mentality as far as magazine reviews and now they want REAL WORLD users to give an opinion. I think manufacturers won’t know what to do if this is the new trend on the decade of the 2020s.
The tables will turn as new generations are now in driver’s seat in many industries and they no longer want to read what is being written by older audiophiles. I have seen this trend occur not only with audio but also car industries where they are sick of reading motortrend magazine, etc. They want to see the guy that owns the Mclaren 720s talk about how fast it is and see him drive the hell out of it at the track. They want HIM to talk about headaches, issues, maintenance, etc and not the guys who write the magazines.
Think about it, Amazon wiped out Toys R Us, Kmart, SEARS, etc, etc. Tons of retail stores are closing which includes: MACYS, JCPenney, LOWES, etc. and we don’t think this massive change is going to impact the way the audio industry rolls? Ok, then i will leave you with this thought: when you go out to a restaurant or you want to buy a product somewhere (whatever that may be), dont you go and read the reviews that ACTUAL users leave? i use amazon CONSTANTLY for everything in my house and i ALWAYS read what actual verified buyers are leaving as far as feedback because i dont care to read WHAT THE HELL a magazine said and i am sure you guys are doing the same thing too?

Mark my words, this is just the beginning of what will happen in this decade.
I don’t think being paid or compensated to review something should prevent anyone from learning from or being entertained by the reviewer. One objective of a review is obviously to sell the Product under review. Remember, if an audio component or device or tweak is not promoted something terrible happens. Nothing.
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