The truth about Stylus wear?

Hello all.
I've read much about this over the years, and have read discussions, and claims, both pro, and con, about Stylus wear, and Stylus life.

I would like hearing from such folks, as Me Jonathan Carr of Lyra, and other knowledgeable people, who design, make Cartridges for a living.

Is it true, that when Cartridge manufacturers get a Cartridge returned for repair-re-tipping, that in virtually 100% of examples, that actually no Stylus wear is seen, but it is other factors-causes that a Cartridge needs repair-rebuilding, such as breakage, tired Cantilever components, etc? Thanks, Mark
that 100% figure seems unlikely. I have exchanged cartridges (with the old one going back to the manufacturer) after having looked at the old stylus through the microscope - and the wear was easily visible.
Just a guess here, but I'd suspect that deterioration of the suspension system usually becomes audible before wear on the stylus. Either way, you'd HOPE that any re-tipping service will identify all issues that must be addressed to get the cart back to spec.