The two Modwright Integrated amps.

Is there anyone that has owned both Modwright integrated amps? I have the KWI 200 and have owned if for about 4 years. I am very much interested in trading up to the new KWH225i. I was hoping someone had heard both pieces hopefully in the same system. And what your impression was of the new unit. Thanks.
i have not
but having plenty of dealings with dan over the years i would say just call him ask him
he is super honest and straightforward, won't bullsh*t you
I had a chance to hear it with 2 friends playing vinyl for a few hours on March 1st when Dan was demonstrating it at VPI. It had us all drooling as it was sensational. It’s basically a KWA150SE without the fancy heavy plate aluminum casework on STEROIDS at 225W in 8 Ohms with a actual tube preamplifier under the hood. Doing the math it’s a bargain as you’re getting like $12-15K worth of separates in one manageable 60-ish pound chassis. And aesthetically the bent aluminum top lid with the full ventilation cutouts showing off the blue anodized heat sinks is extremely visually eye appealing.