The two stages of audiophilia

1. Compulsively and fanatically build the best audio system you are able to and can afford.

2. Sit back, listen to MUSIC and enjoy your system.
@ghdprentice stage three is necessary for stage 1 , becoming just another element of stage 1. We serve Davis Family - Pinot.

stage 3 make your own reference recordings…… Cat stops chasing tail….in exchange for chasing the dragon….
I agree.
Stage 1. Obsession with gearStage 2. Obsession with music.
Exit stage left.... (Rush fans in the house?)

Well said. It’s an observation, an advice and a philosophy in one simple sentence. The problem is, like Al Pacino in The Godfather part 4, every time we get out, they pull us right back in.  The siren never stop singing. We got to plug our ears.