The Ultimate SACD Machine

I'm considering getting an SACD player again. I have a number of SACDs but abandoned the format a couple years ago in favor of vinyl.

I am considering mainly the EMM Labs CDSAse or a Marantz SA11S2 or SA7.

Critical information:

- I'm concerned really only with jazz. 40s-60s jazz. (All the new titles on the format has me interested again.)

- As per above, my priorities are truth in timbre and tone and total lack of HF grain or glare. "Analog-like" may have become a cliche but it's what I'm after: though vinyl as a medium is shirley flawed (yes, I meant to call you Shirley), for me it has always given the best sound - meaning the most natural, realistic, and fatigue-free sound.

I expect that the EMM Labs machine has a gap over the Marantz in these qualities. It should, for the price. How large is the gap, for those who have heard both extensively?

Is there another machine I should consider? ($5K used would be absolute top budget and a bit of a stretch.)
4music, what type of music are you talking about, in what ways was the Ayre superior, and what were the systems like? Thanks.
System 1 - Shindo Masseto, Luxman MQ-88, DeVore Fidelity Silverbacks. System 2 - Leben RX28-CX, Accuphase P-3000, Sonus Faber Guarneri Mementos, Rel R-305. System 3 - ARC Ref 3, Anthem Statement A5, Verity Fidelio Encores, Rel B-2.

In these systems and to my ears, the Ayre always seemed to have more detail, a better soundstage, more air around the instruments, and the most realistic instrument timbres, particularly for piano, the violin family, viola da gamba, guitar, and saxaphone.

In my 4th system (Quicksilver linestage, Bedini 25/25, Omega Super 8 Alnico XRS), my A/B between the MCD500 and SA11S2 was dead even.

I listen mostly to classical (all types), jazz, blues, folk, and many types of vocals.
The SA-7S1 most definitely does NOT stink on Redbook. I’ve heard the Ayre, and it’s pretty good, though it’s never blown me away.
To me most high-end players stink on RB compared to AN DACs. SACD is obviously another story. But I've never heard the SA7 (owned a S11 1 as I said).

4musica, those are impressive systems.
Paulfobrecht - Thank you. My obviously SUPER UNDERSTANDING wife would say they are irrefutable evidence of my addiction! She is of course right.

I hope you find the player that meets your needs. If you had asked for redbook only CD player recommendations I would have suggested the ARC CD7, which I find to be better than even the Ayre.

Good Hunting!