The Unmeasurable Aspects of High-End Audio – PS Audio

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You’re never going to get anything better than it was mastered at. Personally I think it’s hilarious what audiophiles will spend on something that does nothing extra at all.


<edit> I don’t mean to sound like a troll here, I’ve just seen a lot of crap devices over the years that do nothing but cost an arm a leg and a few pieces of genitalia. </edit>


<edit2>  This type of data would be really useful for anyone that enjoys music, even those of us with moderate means.  </edit2>

Q.  You are correct.  We are at the end of the day still humans and do get taken to the cleaners so to speak

  The important thing is to learn from mistakes and then pass that tribal knowledge onward...

Measure of any kind, as electrical,mechanical or acoustical measures, is inscribed in a measurement spiralling circle where the ears/brain also is inscribed  in the measuring process itself as the ultimate ruler  . Then measuring is an indefinite improving interpretative process.

For example if we add the crosstalk concept for a better  description of all  stereo system effect , we then may  infer why  all stereo system fail to convey all the acoustic information there is to convey from the recording process. Then to restore what is lost in all stereo system we must introduce other set of measures  to compensate for any stereo system crosstalk  main defect. Said Prof. Choueiri.

And so goes the progress wheel...


«Seeing her coming to me  i sang Om, but she begun to  spoke about Ohms and we departed»- Groucho Marx 🤓