The value of embellishment?

Does adding a leather veneer to a $4K more than double  value?

Couldn't resist asking the question. The claimed sonic improvements:
"The effect of the leather skin and hardened stainless steel is a sonic upgrade over a stock Prime, in terms of detail, bass extension, air, and resolution." Interesting. I thought it was arm/cart for the most part.  I hear all those descriptors with my VPI. You get more.....uh, okay.

I have leather faced speakers-it  works for the aesthetic. On the VPI- subjective like everything, but on a turntable plinth?
The footers look corny. This stuff is subjective of course, but it sure looks...

Not bashing VPI-I use one, and enjoy it for what it is.   I'd love to own a HW40. No leather though, thanks.
"You must be very bored with your system in order to even think about starting this thread?"

Slaw, always looking around for a good deal. If I could, I'd jump on this instead

It's a fake veneer, but heck of a better table than one  those things. 
Fluance, Audio Technica and Crosley will be selling vegan leather versions in time for the holidays. 

I'm sending mine back to VPI for the $1000 double-stitching upgrade. Cheers,

Anxiously awaiting the red, alligator edition with Roy Rogers’ autograph stitched in gold.
of course there is this:

” She is changing her name

from Kitty to Karen

Shes trading her MG for a white Chrysler LeBaron

I want a girl with a short skirt and a long jacket”


Play it loud, on leather, if possible
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