The vanishing stereo rack

Following up on another discussion about how important it is to be in the same room as your stereo equipment, Dynaudio is apparently already making the entire stereo vanish.



I get your point(s) about where to place the dedicated rack in your remodeled space and the fact that 2-channel systems are not commonplace.  Passions and pursuits are not the same for everyone.  I can simply wish you luck going forward.


I look at this speaker and picture the Woody Allen movie “Sleeper.”   Everything wireless.  I guess an IPad controls everything.  Could you imagine these speakers in the movie Sleeper, the iPad on the table next to the Sex ball :)


Re:  that Cabasse speaker, for $21K, seems like a great speaker for the science fiction fan or someone who loves War of the Worlds….

My equipment racks are grandfathered in. I had them before I met my wife and made it clear to her when we got together that they weren't going anywhere. Ever. Some of the equipment has turned over periodically, but the racks are there to stay.

Fortunately for me, she is as avid a music fan as I am, so I guess I'll keep her.

I'm hiding the racks of equipment in a room behind the front speakers in my new music room/theater and hiding the ATMOS and surround speakers.  I would have hid all the speakers if I could have done that without changing the sound for 2 channel sound.  A stereo that sounds much larger than it looks is the dream that Bose and others sell so I thought it would be fun to take that to another level.

I would rather keep my equipment in the same room with the speakers.  Where else will the equipment go, in a closet with my wife's clothes and shoes?   In the bedroom or bathroom?  Also wouldn't want a cell phone anywhere near my listening room.  Never did like yakking on the phone.  In my main listening room I use powered speakers with the DAC/Pre/HP Amp on the desk in front of me.  No point in moving that's already in the best place and only takes up as much space as a book.