The weirdness of it all

Power cables and power conditioning seem the next focus components.  While I struggle, as I'm sure many do paying premium for a chunk of wire, it seems that when done well, that chunk of wire is now an influential component in the chain allowing everything to shine.

I've slowly been upgrading all PCs with Furutech 4.1 with appropriate connectors and it has been nothing short of revelatory moving the needle of performance for the whole system.  I can liken it to completely refining a fuel injection system which in turn allows everything to work better producing better performance.

I've capped my insanity with the Furutech and do not see myself moving beyond that.  While certainly real capital, not hide the women and children capital like some products left unnamed.



Here are the results of the "premium power cord" survey I conducted recently.

It looks like you’re in good company with the Audiogon Community, and your results are not "weird" at all.



@asvjerry +1

Someone has to acknowledge that tired old elephant in the room:

We have met the weakest link in our system.....and it is us!


@rettrussell least until an AI attempts to soothe our devolving selves and advises to buy the next shiny new thang....

or move on to knitting....;)