The Wilt Chamberlain of Audio Gear

Forget about having the audio itch, upgraditis, or whatever you want to call it - anyone besides myself ever feel like the Wilt Chamberlain of Audio gear?  My brother always said that I change audio gear more than I change my underwear, but in the last 2 years, the addiction has gotten worse I think.  My name is Lou and I’m an audio whore, and I don’t mind it one bit :)

Anyone else care to share?
For a few years I'd say I was a "Stephen Curry" but now I'd say I was a "John Lucas".
You can teach your ears to hear better by listening critically, to both live and recorded music. A mindful process becomes matching the gear you experience with what your increasingly educated ears are telling you. I think the more you learn and move up the fewer new gear experiences you will need, and the more you will enjoy them. After a few years of doing this, now when I go to audio shows I can usually determine if it's worth it to stay in a room or not within two minutes--sometimes it's the gear and sometimes it's the room, but it works out to the same choice about whether to stay or leave. And the best always means coming back later to listen again. If you continue to try out dozens of different audio equipment over many years you aren't listening in a productive way.
But if you are just having fun instead of expanding your audio understanding, then what the hell, why not do it?
While I admire those who sustain long, loving relationships with their stereo, I tend to develop a wandering eye.  I do keep some things around a good long while but that seems to be the exception to the rule.  Only the size of my bank account and the patience of my wife keep me in some degree.
Scott 22's main point rings true, you are better off with synergy between components or players.

But I could not resist this, even though as a kid I kind of liked Wilt, in his later career L.A. Lakers days.

Bill Russell also was on two USF NCAA championship teams, and an Olympic Gold medal winning team, bringing his total  ring count to 14.

Wilt's Kansas team lost to North Carolina in the title game, late '50s,, when the Tarheels went into a stall, not uncommon in those days. 

Wilt's numbers were otherworldly during the regular season, but head to head, in 142 games against Russell, his scoring tended to be a lot lower. 
Russell was a terrific shot blocker and defender, maybe the best of his time. I think one year, he was a "player/coach." 

OK, enough with the sports talk. Who knew this was a basketball forum?

Here's a kind of side question to the OP's: 

How many here were swapping gear in and out and realized they needed to work on their room?

If that was you, and you sorted out your room's acoustics, did you go back to swapping gear? Did that then, again, change the treatments in your room?

There are a lot of variable at play in how things sound, and to just swap gear misses a bit part of the adventure.