The Worst Speaker you have ever heard.

This should be thought provoking. What is the worst speaker, or the most over-rated, over-priced, over-hyped speaker you have ever heard. Have you ever had speakers that you now wished you had kept?
Classic, beautiful sounding (for '70's) Large Advent speakers raped and degraded by Jensen International.
Infinity Quantum Line Source. Spectacular to look at and lust for, but the worst ear fatigue ever experienced. Even the dealer admitted they sucked.
I found the gallo 3.1's to be overrated for $3k. Other speakers I was use to in that range destroyed them. They werent the worst I ever heard, but it really shows how reviews by websites don't matter. Back in 2006, a lot of people where posting them for sale just a few weeks after buying them.

IMO, $599 Magnepan MMG's were better in every way