Then Play On

Last night, as I was perusing what music to play next, my eyes encountered "Then Play On" by Fleetwood Mac from 1970. Around about December 1972, it was sharing time with another favorite at the tme, BB King's "The Thrill Is Gone", which happened to be on my turntable on that December morning, when my house burned down to the ground. My wife was nine months pregnant, there was snow on the ground, and there were icycles hanging down to the ground from the eaves of my house.

I managed to get a couple of toolboxes, my turntable (and "The Thrill is Gone"), and my DIY Tannoy 12" Golds) out before everything burnt down to the ground.

So, last night I played "Then Play On" for the first time in probably a year. Since then, my system has undergone massive changes,  my 3C24 power amp converted to run 812 output tubes, Herron linestage, new Benchmark DAC, a Herron phono stage, and other gear to up the listening enjoyment of music.

I was listening to Dave Brubeck 's "Time Out" after which I was seized by the desire to hear F Mac's "Then Play On." I was stunned at how impressive this CD sounded on my system. It never sounded quite this good before. I just turned off hte lights and sucked it up into my ears with a huge s--t eating grin on my face.

This is a masterful LP/CD (whatever version you may have), and heartily recommend, if you have the bent, to acquire it, and spend a night grinning in the dark as I did. 

After that it was Dylan's "Blood On The Tracks", then it was nite-nite.

Enjoy immensely,


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