Then there were 2

OK I have 3 amps on my short list but one is not available due to supply chain issues.They are ARC Ref75SE, Rogue Stereo 100, (and not available is Quicksilver Mono KT/120)
Question sin it is down to the Rogue and ARC are the comparable (or as they say a coin flip?) or is one considerably better than the other.
I like the fact that the ARC use KT150 and the bias is accessible on front panel.
@ jimbones: interesting audiogon user handle name.  I know there is more than one person named Jim Bones out there in the world..... but by any remote chance are you  'Jim Bones' the large format nature & wilderness photographer?  

probably not.. but had to ask.  That would be way cool.

@sailboat, no I am not. I got the nick name Bones from a lot of physical injuries doing advanced skiing, downhill ,mountain biking and playing ice hockey goaltender for over 50 years. I like to think of myself as Humpty Dumpty Lol
ARC is point to point vs Rogue circuit board?  I could be wrong but I have owned a Cronus Magnum II and a VT-60.  Sure miss the VT-60 but the Cronus not so much.
@mijostyn will it really make that much of a difference going from parallel 4 ohm to series 16 ohm? What would expect the difference to be when listening?