Then there were 2

OK I have 3 amps on my short list but one is not available due to supply chain issues.They are ARC Ref75SE, Rogue Stereo 100, (and not available is Quicksilver Mono KT/120)
Question sin it is down to the Rogue and ARC are the comparable (or as they say a coin flip?) or is one considerably better than the other.
I like the fact that the ARC use KT150 and the bias is accessible on front panel.
Quicksilver will have new 100W (KT150) /80W (KT88) monoblocks available from November, I was told.
@yogiboy  I am purchasing the V4's. I am optimistic that they will give me the sound I am after. I didn't want the CJ sound but I didn't want the new school tube sound that is almost SS sounding. I think the QS will fall in the middle.Thanks for the heads up!!
@ jimbones
Good move! The Quicksilver is very flexible. You can use many different tube types if you want to change the flavor of the sound. I have the smaller QS Silver Seventy. I prefer using KT88 type tubes. I have never tried the KT 150 so I can’t give you an opinion on them. Have fun!!
Just wanted to chime in here having owned the
ST-100 long enough to know it pretty well. I disagree with reviews stating this amp sounds more like solid state than tubes. Yes it’s very quiet and has low noise floor but sonics wise it’s still a tube amp. The Rogue has great mids. Highs are sweet. Bass is deep and not bloated but may not have the ultimate control. It is not the last word in transparency, speed and dynamics (I made a move to ST-100 from Pass Labs X250.5). 
One feature on the ST-100 that I like a lot is the ability to switch between the Ultralinear and Triode modes that gives you around 60w/ch in Triode instead of 100w/ch in Ultralinear. I prefer Triode as it results in bigger soundstage and even sweeter sound. 
I’ve also owned several ARC preamps and lately tried two Rogue preamps (RP-1 and RP-5) that I have sold. I’ve not owned but have heard various ARC amps over the years for an extended enough period of time and in systems I’m familiar with to tell you that ARC is superior and the difference will not be marginal. ARC is ARC and Rogue is Rogue.
I’m not familiar with Quicksilver but if it were me and cost not a consideration the ARC without a doubt would be my first choice.