Then there were 2

OK I have 3 amps on my short list but one is not available due to supply chain issues.They are ARC Ref75SE, Rogue Stereo 100, (and not available is Quicksilver Mono KT/120)
Question sin it is down to the Rogue and ARC are the comparable (or as they say a coin flip?) or is one considerably better than the other.
I like the fact that the ARC use KT150 and the bias is accessible on front panel.
Not to hijack, but the AudioMirror SETs with upgrades are also a very nice alternative. 
@jimbones I am purchasing the V4’s. I am optimistic that they will give me the sound I am after. I didn’t want the CJ sound but I didn’t want the new school tube sound that is almost SS sounding. I think the QS will fall in the middle.Thanks for the heads up!!

Hey Jim,
Nice! Are the V4s the older KT88 or newer KT150 version? Either would be nice. Curious to hear more about your impressions when you get the amps settled in. While stock form is nice, experimentation with different input/driver tubes and caps can move the sound in different directions too, if desired. Please report back as you listen to them and learn more.
@decooney  I haven't received them yet but the owner currently has KT150's in them. I am getting full complement of KT88 and KT150s. for them. It will be a little while but as soon as I get them I will post my impressions for sure. Thanks