There is none out there......

I need a Wi- Fi streamer and cd zipper in one box......I have a 30 K ethernet connection........Bluesound Vault is the Only streamer out there that meets my requirements BUT  ......I've been told by Hi-Fi sales people, "it won't sound that good on a high end system".......All the other cd Zippers/ Streamers are Ethernet hard wired ONLY........Anybody know of one?


Auralic Aries models will rip and play CDs if a USB CD drive is connected. They also have excellent wireless networking. I have owned two and can't fault the sound.

If you want a streamer with DAC, look into their Altair series instead.



Let me be clear. Just buy a $59 wifi extender and plug it in next to your system. Plug your streamer into that. I bought two streamers with internal wifi recievers, one was an Auralic Aries G2. It was a mistake. Internal WiFi, even on fairly expensive streamers do not work well. My $150K system runs off a wifi extender. I know of many others. Do not keep the requirement of wifi on your list. Companies that make the very best streamers like Aurender do not have internal wifi receivers. This is because they are not required and put noise inside of the box. You do not want a wifi receiver inside of the streamer… especially when the problem can be solved for $59.

How much would it cost to pull ethernet cable to an appropriate location? It has to be a trivial cost in the scheme of things. I'm lucky enough to be in Google Fiber territory, where we get crazy bandwidth on the cheap. A decent network doesn't cost much. You can get spendy but the basic cost is really not a big deal to set up a hardwired network. Wifi is ok but I don't rely on it for hi-fi. Spend the two bucks. 

The Marantz SACD 30n network player seems to be what you are looking for. It will connect to your network by ethernet cable or WiFi, has a CD transport, DAC, headphone amp, HEOS compatability, optical and coax digital inputs, digital output for external DAC. $3K.