There's a sucker born every minute

Latest marketing hype for a new (name witheld to protect the guilty) HTIB product.

The XXXX Home Theater System boasts the tinniest high-end speakers in the world! The M6 speaker is housed in 100% zinc-alloy (not plastic); giving it the needed weight to handle high volumes with clarity and depth eliminating any noticeable distortion. The egg-shape of the speaker provides the perfect environment for sound to resonate and bounce out to the room rather than having sound waves get lost in the corners as they do in box shaped speakers.

Wouldn't want those sound waves to get lost, now would you. 'course you could get them their own GPS to find their way out. And is that tiniest or tinniest? LOL.
I'm starting a European 'free-the-cornered-soundwaves' platform righ now. Can someone please give me the adress of the 100% zinc-alloy freedom fighters? I want to import them, that is, if US govenment allows such high-tech to be imported to less developed countries as mine.
Seriously: I wish I could write bulls##t like that and get paid for it. Than I could buy some real equipment and laugh at all the suckers who'd buy this crap. Oh well, should've gotten a real job.....
I believe that is "the tiniest" rather than "tinniest".

More impressively - "The M6 501R II has 5 x 30Wrms satellites and a 50Wrms subwoofer. Don't be fooled though, including the center bass drive, this is a combined power output of 230W! The M8 601 has 6 x 100Wrms satellite speakers and a 100Wrms subwoofer, which equates to a combined power output of a whopping 700Wrms."

A WHOPPING 700Wrms. Wow. sign me up.

Where can you buy this and how much is it??!!!!

Best regards,
Seven Second Sucker