Theres a firesale of the Modwrights oppo 105 units

Oddly, there are currently (as I type this) 5 modwright oppo 105 units for sale to just one stock oppo 105. Seems odd as there has to be a ton more stock 105 units to the modwright 105's that have been produced.

I have a oppo 103d and have looked at getting another unit thats been modded but that brings in red flags on all the modwrights being dumped like meeting a women thats been divorced 5 times!

Are these modwrights overpriced units? Something wrong with bringing in the tubes???

I never see other modded oppos for sale like an evs or others which tells me the owners like them.

I know its hard to decide which mod to put in your oppo as you cannot demo them first so you can ONLY go by reviews and comments.

Question...which mod do you take you chance on with your stock oppo player?
Facten, I dont doubt the performance of the modwright but my position is that there are other companies that mod oppo players and for much less. I know in audio more expensive does not equal better performance but would not be surprised if I liked the sound of a modwright player more then other companies modded oppos. Who to have mod my next oppo player is my big mystery in life! They had a tv show on MTV called "Trick my ride" or shall we say "Trick my oppo"! I need to go to audio asylum and chat with the oppo diehards that have modded them.

Hi Mattmiller, glad we meet again on the oppo talk. Are you crazy, I love oppo and love the performance of the 103d going to my NAD M51 dac. Prior to that the oppo 980 was the best player I ever owned and had some nice arcams and such. Where have I ever talked negative about oppo? Now, the modded ones are about the modder and not the oppo player.

So, what you are saying then is that you are cheap-shooting Dan of Modwright? You are a cheap-shot artist? You have a flimsy scenario that character assinates by cheap-shot innuendo. What does that say about you? What is your agenda?
I have a Modwright Sony SCD XA5400 SACD player.
It sounds outstanding! -
The only player that I heard that I liked more
was the previous DCS Stack that I heard about 8-10
years ago and cost about $80,000!
I have all the upgrades except for the Bybee Rail.
Plus I have the Kimber KS1030 interconnects and Less Loss
power cords. Sophia 6SN7s and Mullard NOS 5AR4 tubes.
Dan told me the Oppo and the Sony sound very close with the
exception that Oppo had a slightly larger soundstage.
I have no plans to change to another player This player
has a very analog sound and I am very satisfied.
I don't think Matt is saying that you're bashing Oppo players, but you make it clear that you don't feel comfortable about buying one for your own reasons, so what is there to discuss? You have already made your decision about their mod apparently.
People who buy Modwright Oppos are the same people who turn over their equipment more frequently than regular Oppo customers.