These seem a bit pricey $$$

Saw Steve Guttenberg’s review of the Credo 900’s the other day. I realize there is a lot more involved in the cost of a speaker than parts costs - labor, insurance shipping, dealer margins. OK, that’s called business. But 12K for these?
Just seems a bit out of line.
No, I never heard them.  Maybe they're worth it.

I like Scanspeak speakers and High-Density fibreboard. Does it make a 12 k speaker maybe not.The proof is in the pudding which im not willing to shell out to try.
Just saying... even the latest Corvette, which might have similar statistics as any Ferrari it's like a pick-up truck to a Ferrari, I kniw. We don't understand true sports cars because we have so few roads that they're useful on.   
I enjoy listening to Steve’s reviews. I think he’s pretty down to earth, really.

And you know what else? Never, not even once, did he EVER FORCE me to buy anything he has reviewed.
Wow, that is an expensive speaker. Really expensive.. Two drivers, XO (with xtra binding post), port, box, stuffing, finish and a little mod on the bottom.

Yes that is a lot of money. It may sound like heaven, but I'd have a hard time at any price.  Just looks like a speaker at Parts Express competition every year. Not even the unlimited category. 12k, I don't think so...