These seem a bit pricey $$$

Saw Steve Guttenberg’s review of the Credo 900’s the other day. I realize there is a lot more involved in the cost of a speaker than parts costs - labor, insurance shipping, dealer margins. OK, that’s called business. But 12K for these?
Just seems a bit out of line.
No, I never heard them.  Maybe they're worth it.
Depends on the definition of “bookshelf”. And the sensitivity. The AR 3a was marketed as a bookshelf speaker in the 60s. Ditto the Smaller Advent, which was the paradigm for a true bookshelf sized 30 Hz capable speaker...with low impedence and sensitivity to match. 
Don't forget that the dealer takes 40% and the government gets their percentage on paying taxes for the business.  Geez I am going to have to now raise my product pricing again!

Has anyone actually heard a pair or owns them?

Happy Listening?
I was slightly surprised at the pricetag (I say slightly because there are so many very expensive audio products out there that nothing shocks me).  Before he mentioned the price I was guessing around $3 - 4k.  Best of luck to the company.

As far as SG goes, I enjoy his videos.  Mostly because of his enthusiasm for our hobby in general.  I think he does a great job of conveying a 'try it for yourself' attitude and just having a good time listening to music and gear.  Something lacking in many posts IMO.    
Anything Swiss comes with a huge price gouge, they've had centuries to develop the technique. Buy American.