Theta Casablance ll Vs CBlll

Has anyone been able to compare the ll vs. lll in the analog direct mode for two channel listening. Can the new lll compare to a good stand alone pre?
Hi, I have a CBII and have tried it as a pre-amp in analog direct. It's just fine. However, I have not been able to compare it in an A/B test with other pre-amps. Also, I have not got a CBIII around to do an A/B with. I suggest talking to your Theta dealer for their input.

Just out of curiosity, why do you want to use the Theta as an analog pre-amp?
Mike, I am using the analog direct mode because I am using an EMM Labs Dac 6 as an external dac.
Ok, for surround you can't beat the CBII/CBIII. However, the pre-amp is good...not great. If you want the best quality for the EMM get an Aesthetix line stage and simply use it in between the CB and the amp. Yes, it's more complex and expensive, but it solves the compromise of blending the two channel and multi-channel into one system.

I've done this before and the Aesthetix is the best I've heard yet.

Mike is absolutely right about the CBII. I don't have a CBIII yet so I cannot say, but I strongly suspect he is right about that too :). As far as the line stage goes, I have heard the Saturn line of the Aesthetix and it is not the absolute best line stage I ever heard but it is close and much cheaper than something like the VTL 7.5 (which is the best I heard) and the Jupiter line of Aesthetix (which is much more expensive and I never heard it before). If you want to go SS on your preamp, try the Ayre K-5 or if you have bucks, the K-1.