Theta Digital Carmen2 dvd/cd transport issues

I have a mint condition (cosmetically speaking) Theta Digital Carmen 2 transport that is about 5 or 6 years old and having intermittent problems with the drawer assembly and laser. Called Theta and they not only don't make it any longer, but they do not offer repairs, or stock parts any more either. What a bummer! It's a great player and has served me well. Now it has "ghosts in the machine".

My question is this: does anybody out there have a place, or a favorite tech that still fixes these things? I really hate to dump it, and I hope there are still parts available out there somewhere so that I may be able to get it looked at/fixed. Unit plays properly about 1/2 the time. The rest of the time the drawer either won't open up when button is pushed...or it opens up all by itself when a cd is playing. Also starting to have some tracking issues. I bought it brand new from a Theta Digital dealer and love the way it sounds...been a great piece. Hoping that someone has had experience with aftermarket upgrades, mods, repairs?? Theta wasn't very encouraging and appologized for their inability to source parts/make I'm looking outside the box for help from fellow Audiogoners. So if someone knows someone who does this type of repair work? would you please let me know so I can follow up. I recently purchased a Theta Digital COMPLI universal player and I really like it alot, works flawlessly. But I'de still like to get my Carmen 2 transport back up to snuff if at all possible. SO I am reaching out to the Audiogon community for ideas and informantion. Thanks in advance for your help.
I had a Carmen II for about 6 or 7 years. I had to replace the laser W/Theta right before they quit working on them. The Laser assembly is made by Pioneer and should be available thru them. You will have to open the unit up to get the model number or look on line as I have forgotten which model it is and no longer have the emails. I have an older Pioneer DVD Player 626D I think is the model number and the remote operated the theta unit just fine. I am out of the country till next week. Will look and see if I have any info.
Best bet is to find out who the OEM supplier was and then see what other low cost players used the same drive unit and seek out a doner player. NOTE: you might be depressed to discover that your multi-kilobuck anodized wonderplayer is using the same transport drive as your basic pawnshop throw away unit...just ask some Krell owners....
I looked at my old receipt from Pioneer when I bought the assembly. It is Part # VXX2782 laser assembly that fits several pioneer units. You would need to verify that this matches the assembly you have. Look it up on line. A few places have photos of the unit.