Theta Stereo Preamp suggestion

I have found Theta Tube Preamplifer in the used market. I have never known that Theta made tube preamplifier also. Or is it different company from the Theta Digital company? Any ideas or information regarding this tube preamplifier is welcome. I am worried that if I bought unit, it will be difficult for me to find the service since I cannot find the company on the Internet.
its the same company the preamp is from the late '70s or early '80s is supposed to be very good in its day.
Hello Huigor,
I still have mine in a closet somwhere. This was a highly modified unit from one of the original designers John Beatty. It had custom made Teflon caps, a teflon circiut board, vishay resistors, a real clever battery powered circuit to keep the tubes biased? Anyway the Theta was my reference for many years. It wasn't pretty to look at but it trounced some very respectable preamps of the day. I haven't heard a stock one in years but I believe it was competitive with anything in it's day. I know that John Beatty would work on my unit if needed. I can probably see if I can locate his number if you purchase the unit. Hope this helps.
i have a similar unit that JOhn modified. Was wondering if you have any idea how to reach him. Mine needs repair- my power supply board is fried. Unless you want to sell yours?
I'm at
I just plugged mine in again while my Mark Levinson was out being repaired, and I have to say it still sounds great! (maybe better than the ML - maybe not quite as detailed but a nicer fuller warmer sound). I had attempted to have the slide switch volume control replaced a few years ago, but the shop was unable to find a slide switch with an audio throw and the one they used goes from quiet to deafening with about a quarter inch of movement. So if anybody has a replacement for that I could use it. Otherwise mine is holding up pretty well. I primarily use it as a phono preamp these days since my Mark Levinson didn't have one built in.