As some of you know, I have been pursuing vinyl and audio for a long time, and recently decided to write about it. I launched a site called which is devoted to older records that deserve renewed attention. The site launched quietly last month with a feature about the U.S.Library of Congress audio-visual restoration archive, and the latest installment features an inteview with Olav Wyper, the creator of the legendary Vertigo Swirl label. For now, this is a labor of love. I hope you find something worthwhile.*
Bill Hart
*N.B. The powers that be at Audiogon gave me permission to start a thread about the site.
Thank you both, there's some stuff deeper in the archives on Vertigo Swirl, on the Library of Congress restoration facility/archive, some interesting views on some of the old Island pink labels/rims from folks like Joe Boyd and the Nick Drake estate. I'm really enjoying the research and writing. (More on Island eventually too, as well as on the Warner 'green label' era). I appreciate the support.
There have been various comparisons of Tull's Aqualung on vinyl over the years, but since i have so many different pressings-US/UK/WLP/MoFi/DCC/Classic 33 and Classic 45 (both Quiex black and Clarity) as well as the latest Steve Wilson remix, I thought I'd do what may be one of more comprehensive shoot-outs. Hopefully, will have this completed by next weekend.
A detailed, and fairly exhaustive, comparison of different pressings of Tull's
Aqualung, from the original UK and US pressings, the various
"audiophile" re-masters to the more recent Steve Wilson remix
(which is now available as a stand-alone piece of vinyl).
And for comparison: