As some of you know, I have been pursuing vinyl and audio for a long time, and recently decided to write about it. I launched a site called which is devoted to older records that deserve renewed attention. The site launched quietly last month with a feature about the U.S.Library of Congress audio-visual restoration archive, and the latest installment features an inteview with Olav Wyper, the creator of the legendary Vertigo Swirl label. For now, this is a labor of love. I hope you find something worthwhile.*
Bill Hart
*N.B. The powers that be at Audiogon gave me permission to start a thread about the site.
There have been various comparisons of Tull's Aqualung on vinyl over the years, but since i have so many different pressings-US/UK/WLP/MoFi/DCC/Classic 33 and Classic 45 (both Quiex black and Clarity) as well as the latest Steve Wilson remix, I thought I'd do what may be one of more comprehensive shoot-outs. Hopefully, will have this completed by next weekend.
A detailed, and fairly exhaustive, comparison of different pressings of Tull's
Aqualung, from the original UK and US pressings, the various
"audiophile" re-masters to the more recent Steve Wilson remix
(which is now available as a stand-alone piece of vinyl).
And for comparison:
Palasr: thanks for posting that- I hadn't seen it before, and I can see where the author comes out the way he does; we probably assign slightly different priorities to what we hear, our systems are undoubtedly different, etc. But, more in common, I think, than different. Interesting also, that it appears roughly at the same time as my piece. Must be something in the air.
I didn't buy the Steve Wilson remix on vinyl until it was released as a stand-alone item.
bill hart