They Almost Never Quote A Price , Why?

Have you ever noted that most expensive audio gear web sites from manufacturer to retail stores withhold prices for most items.  I find this annoying, I can afford a certain level of expense but not any.  I know you can look for sales of used gear etc. etc. but I really want to see the regular retail price, it gives me something to think about or put money aside for. what are your thoughts abut this.
Because prices vary between regions for various reasons and dealers ask that manufacturers don't list prices.
I'm going to swim upstream and disagree with the common belief that " if you have to ask how much it costs you can't afford it." If I'm shopping for let's say a frying pan I look to several factors to determine what I will purchase. Does it feature even heat distribution, safe non-stick cooking, durability of design, reputation of manufacturer, and the cost all play a role in my selection.
I'm pretty sure I can afford any frying pan I want.
I call after hours and leave a message to get a price that the dealer can leave on my phone message then call back if I feel the cost is worth it to me.  I can buy 100K speakers, but I still want to know the price, or I won't even bother with that company. They want you on the phone, so they can pitch their product or sell something else.

"I can buy 100K  speakers i" ; would you buy 100K speakers, are 100K speakers in your present budget?