They Almost Never Quote A Price , Why?

Have you ever noted that most expensive audio gear web sites from manufacturer to retail stores withhold prices for most items.  I find this annoying, I can afford a certain level of expense but not any.  I know you can look for sales of used gear etc. etc. but I really want to see the regular retail price, it gives me something to think about or put money aside for. what are your thoughts abut this.
I just looked at websites that make wood glue... and noticed they don't state prices either. They redirect you to retailers instead.

It probably has to do with the manufacturer not selling direct rather than snobbery.
Orpheus 10 I could if I wanted to. It's cash, not a budget. I did my budgeting a long time ago. Whether I buy 100K speakers or not has nothing to do with why prices are not shown up front. I like to know what the cost is first. Just because I can, doesn't mean I think it is worth it. I love hot rod cars too, but would never buy one with an automatic. Others may think differently.
I'm with Mechans on this one.
its extremely annoying and unnecessary 
Do you see pricing on luxury cars, watches, jewelry, houses? 
Of course you do.
why not stereo equipment then? is it a secret, or privileged information?
and that saying " if you must ask the price, you can't afford it" is hardly applicable to audio.
Do manufacturers only tend to ultra wealthy, for whom a difference of $100 K and $200K don't matter?
i find this policy not smart and counterproductive 

I really resent that old cliché hackneyed saying " if you have to ask" .

 Do those of you who "don't have to ask", just get a bill and pay whatever it says never knowing until then what it costs.?..... I explained that I am not infinitely wealthy unlike the non askers and don't like surprises. 

Yes you can go through the "enquire" route, leave your contact info etc. but I like the instant knowledge better.

I was looking at a well known manufacturer site the other day who used to have good USA wide distribution.  I Asked for my local dealer and was told the manufacturer was it. I have seen this often where there aren't any/many dealers.

I often go to reviews to find prices but why be round about.

Why be secretive I think it is a question of some concern over value as Ipretiring said.

Now I have to get me a better watch "?Richard Mille?" at least I'll know the price.

I agree. It is annoying to see these ads with no pricing indicated. 

What is more annoying is those drug commercials on the TV. Almost every on that advertises on national TV costs about 1K per pill. 

The next time you see a pharmaceutical ad. google the drug name an cost. 
For example:  google this opdivo cost 
This is what comes up:

How much does Opdivo cost?
The cost for the initial 12-week phase of the combination is about $141,000, and then $12,500 a month for Opdivo alone, totaling roughly $256,000 if a patient stays on therapy for a year, according to a Bristol-Myers spokeswoman. Subsequent full-year costs of therapy would be about $150,000 for Opdivo alone.

So you get 12 weeks for $141,000. 
Theres a deal for you. Complain about the cost of hi fi gear and get ripped off by the " drug dealers" 

Well thanks for letting me vent.